Must a Samba PDC use encrypted passwords?

Tavis Barr tavis at
Tue Jun 9 06:01:43 GMT 1998

On Tue, 9 Jun 1998, David Bannon wrote:

> Luke, 
>    Are you possibly thinking of my very basic programme to replace the unix
> passwd programme. I wrote it somewhat earlier in the NTDomain history and
> have been using it since then. Works fine in our simple enviroment. I
> believe a number of other people are using it too. I was a bit 'shy' of
> putting it in the contributed directory at the time and posted it via my
> web page, .

I tested this code out on SunOs 4.1.3, and found a number of things that 
didn't work right:

(1) There is no header file "mode.h" in my system, although when I 
commented it out, nothing failed to compile

(2) SunOS does not use the passwd.dir and passwd.pag files; hence it does 
not have /sbin/mkpasswd.  This command failed and reported an error, but 
/etc/passwd and ~/smbpasswd were still updated correctly.

(3) Upon successful completion, it changed the permissions on /etc/passwd 
to make it readable only by root.  (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

(4) It only worked correctly for non-privileged users when run setuid 
root, but smbpasswd only works correctly when _not_ setuid root.

Anyway, it's a nifty little program and I don't know if you ever intended 
to make it operable beyond your own system, but if you do perhaps we can 
work on fixing the above.


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