Must a Samba PDC use encrypted passwords?

Andrew Perrin - Demography aperrin at demog.Berkeley.EDU
Fri Jun 5 21:02:08 GMT 1998

Unless I misunderstand this, using NIS to distribute smbpasswd would be a
huge security hold, since the smbpasswd hashes would be flying around the
net; anybody with a sniffer would be able to glean a password-equivalent
from this.  Am I wrong?

Andy Perrin
UC Berkeley, Demography
> > If you're running NIS, I'd like to see a modified rpc.yppasswdd that
> updated NIS passwd and NIS smbpasswd at the same time. Samba would
> then have to be modified to use NIS for smbpasswd. I'd also like to
> see Samba refer to both smbpasswd and passwd (if the login name is not
> in smbpasswd, then look in passwd). The latter is important until
> everyone changes their password.
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