file permissions for NT policies

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Fri Jun 5 13:11:53 GMT 1998

Mick Haigh wrote:
> Hiya Everyone.
> I've been messing around with policies with NT 4.0 machines and have
> come across a very annoying behaviour.  To allow the NT 4.0 machine to
> download a new copy of the policy reliably when a user logs on, I have
> had to allow write access to the NTconfig.POL file in /NETLOGON.  I 
> have no idea why this is necessary and have yet to check on whether 
> this is the case with an NT server instead of a Samba server.

Didn't see anyone respond to this one yet, so here goes.  Add the
following to smb.conf

	locking = no
	public = no
	.....<whatever else you had>

My guess is that you had locking turned on and therefore the clients
ocould not access the file simultaneously.  Let me know if this works.

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