Must a Samba PDC use encrypted passwords?

Paul Keck pkeck at
Fri Jun 5 12:37:23 GMT 1998

Hi all.  I'm a little new to Samba- only been running it for a few months
mostly for people to get into their Solaris 2.5 home dirs.  It's working
great for that- thanks to you all!

We now have a need for something to serve as an NT PDC.  I've R'ed the FMs
and have a question.  All the PDC docs start out with "turn on encrypted
passwords, check ENCRYPTION.txt for how."  If I understand it right, once I
do this all the folks using /etc/password to get to their home dirs will
have to make themselves ANOTHER password which will be put in
{samba}/private/smbpasswd.  Until they do they will be out of luck getting
to their home dirs.

Am I wrong?  Can I set the box up as a PDC and still use /etc/passwd?  If
not, is there a way I could translate /etc/passwd into the smbpasswd format
without using a password cracker?  :-)

I'd like to avoid having another password database if at all possible.  We
also use Netware (4.11 and 3.12) and I've heard there is an NT product which
will let you use an NDS tree to authenticate, but this requires an NT server
to act as the go-between.  I'd rather not have a production NT box if I can
help it.

Thanks! If I'm barking up the wrong tree, any better ideas would be
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