Username mapping

Kevin P. Fleming kfleming at
Thu Jun 4 18:58:31 GMT 1998

For some reason my smb.conf man page doesn't include any information on
"map user" and I think it will do what I want... Here's the scenario:

I've got a Linux machine (RH 4.2) running the 1.9.19-prealpha code from
a week or so ago. It works fine, and is running as a domain member
server with a (real:-) NT machine as the PDC. There are a couple of
shares on this machine, and I've tested accessing those shares from
three different user accounts.

The three user accounts are set up identically in /etc/passwd and
/etc/group, but only two of them work. The third does not, and I suspect
it does not because the user name is longer than 8 characters. The full
username is listed in /etc/passwd, and works just fine when used for the
POP/IMAP servers on the same Linux machine, but does not work through

Any thoughts as to what might be wrong here?

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