Lots of progress

Andrew Perrin - Demography aperrin at demog.Berkeley.EDU
Tue Jun 2 23:36:10 GMT 1998

Well, thought you'd like to know we now have our DEMOGRAPHY domain running
and relatively stable thanks to the help of the Samba team and others on
the list -- many, many thanks.  Really our only remaining concern is with
include=smb.conf.%U, which doesn't seem to work, at least for adding
domain groups = for specific users.  I've got

domain groups = 513

in the main smb.conf, then

domain groups = 512 513 544

in the smb.conf.* for each person who should be an administrator.  But it
doesn't give administrative privileges to these folks.  However, a dummy
account created called ntadmin and marked with

domain admins = ntadmin

works great and is afforded admin privileges.

Good going, Samba guys!
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