smbpasswd question

NoRM norm at
Tue Jun 2 10:24:06 GMT 1998

I'm looking at porting the NT Domain samba to our rather specific
environment.  We have a centralised user database, much like Kerberos, and
I have in the past ported Samba to use our system, rather than the
standard shadow passwd file without problems.

Now, with the advent of encrypted passwords, we have a problem.  We've
decided to try and augment our central database with a second passwd
field, to store the hashed passwords as used by NT  (in my test system, I
simply system() call smbpasswd from the password changer).

However, when looking at it in more depth, there are two entries in the
smbpasswd file...

Can I ask under which circumstances each is used?  I.E. can I get away
with ignoring one of the two algorithms?

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