Mapping various drive to same share (Was: Re: Mixed profiles w/Samba-PDC)

CAE Samba Admin caesmb at
Mon Jun 1 12:29:39 GMT 1998

> >So far, the only strange thing that has happened is the following.
> >The logon script will force everybody to have two network connections:
> >F: for their home directory and G: for a public repository.  After the
> >user has logged in, and as time goes by, drive letters beyond G: get
> >mapped to the public repository as well.  After several hours, drive
> >letters all the way through Z: can end up being mapped to the same
> >share.  Even when taking out this share from the logon script, it is
> >the home directory that gets mapped over and over in this way.

	You cannot use <driveletter>: in your shortcuts to start programs.
If you use UNC pathnames, this annoyance will cease to happen.


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