Policies still don't work

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Fri Jul 31 13:13:22 GMT 1998

Joao Carvalho wrote:
> I followed your advice here is my netlogon share definition :
> [netlogon]
>    comment = Network Logon Service
>    path = /usr/local/samba/netlogon
> #   guest ok = no
>    public = no
>    locking = no
>    writable = yes
>    share modes = yes
>    case sensitive=no
> #   mangle case=no
>    preserve case = yes
>    short preserve case = yes
> the file is "ntconfig.pol" .

My guess is that it is a case issue somehow.  Here are the settings I

	default case = lower
	preserve case = yes
	case sensitive = no

and the file is named 'ntconfig.pol'

A couple of simple things to look for are that the file is world
readable and that the update settings on the client are set correctly. 
You may want to try configuring a manual update to 


and see what happens.  Some people have reported that the 
filename had to NTconfig.POL or NTconfig.pol depending on 
their case settings.

When all else fails ( you may want to do this first ), crank up the
debug level on smbd to about 20 and see if the client is actually
looking for the policy.  Network Monitor traces will show an "open & X"
for ntconfig.pol during the login if things are set right on the client.

> So i CVS's the last version of samba , which gave me a blue-screen 
> when i tried to log in. Does Any1 have a tar.gz of samba where he 
> tested the polices ?

You can grab an archive from July 10 at


Hope this helps,
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