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Fri Jul 31 12:59:59 GMT 1998

    How did you make policies for users(if you did) without being able to retrieve a
user list from the samba server?  If there is a way to directly specify accounts
that would be ideal.

    Anyone know if users in policies are stored as numbers or strings like

Joao Carvalho wrote:

> Hi,
> just 1 question do the policies work with samba ?
> 1
> i tried to put the file in \\server\netlogon\NTconfig.dat
> but it didn't seem to work. Is it because of the RID's are not implemented ?
> I got a way around this by editing the NT workstation registry by hand
> i use the flags :
> NoDispSettingPage and DisableRegistryTools
> so each new user get's the restriction imposed from the start. Later it is
> saved in his profile.
> 2
> if any1 needs a printer-accounting software for samba, i just finished
> writing one, the only condition is that the printer is suported by gs, so
> printers like epson , hp , PS , oki , ... will work. At least mine is a OKI 6e.
> It is free of course ,:-) , therefor i take no responsibility if ...
> Hope you keep up the good work.
> Thanx guys
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