User Access from NT3.51 workstation to a share on Unixware Samba Server

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Wed Jul 29 22:30:29 GMT 1998

Sudarsan Varadan wrote:
> Hi
>         I have this problem where I have SAMBA 1.9.18 installed on a 
> SCO unixware server 2.1.3.  I have a workstation running NT3.51, 
> and the following are my settings from my smb.conf file.
> [global]
>         security = domain

This option is only supported under the HEAD branch.  See the disclaimer
at the top of the Table of Contents on the NTDOM FAQ (linked off the
main samba page ).

>         domain logons = yes

Domain logins require "security = user" and a [netloong] share.  Chech
the docs/DOMAIN.txt file ( or something like that ).

> My NT3.51 PDC is my password server , thus the setting 
> server = domain.  


	security = server
	password server = <NETBIOSNAME of PDC>

to get this working under the main branch.  Or try out the 
security = domain option **only** available by downloading 
the head branch via cvs.  See the NTDOM FAQ for instruictions 
on how to do this.

> Can anybody help me this and point out what I am doing wrong.  
> I have spent almost a week and would like to get this resolved.  

Hope this helps,
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