Strange problem with icons!

Michael S. Hulet hulet at
Wed Jul 29 21:44:08 GMT 1998

Thanks for the info.  Here is what I found while searching for SCUT.
SCUT.EXE is a freeware program. You can download it from  Shortcut.exe is Microsoft's program.  There is
also a registry setting to disable the UNC tracking.  The name of the
value is LinkResolveIgnoreLinkInfo.  Read Microsoft's Knowledgebase 
Article Q158682 for directions on how to implement this in the registry.

On Wed, 29 Jul 1998, Wolfgang Ratzka wrote:

> >>>>> "CKW" == Celso Kopp Webber <webber at> writes:
>     CKW> (...)
>     CKW>     If this user logs on MACHINE-2, all his preferences
>     CKW> (including the newly created shortcut) are loaded, but when
>     CKW> he tries to access the previously created shortcut by
>     CKW> double-clicking on it, he is prompted for a username/password
>     CKW> pair for the share \\MACHINE-1\ADMIN$.
> This is a quite common problem and not related to Samba. The reason is
> a (mis-)feature of Microsoft's *.lnk files, which sometimes try to be
> too smart (store the UNC name of a ressource where it is not
> appropriate). One way to repair this is to use the "scut" program
> provided with the NT Resource Kit:
> - Cd into your program menu folder (on a German NT this would be
>   %USERPROFILE%\Startmenü\Programme --- this obviously needs to be
>   translated)
> - Change all your *.lnk files to non-smart links using "scut *.lnk -s"
>     CKW>     The only way to go on is to type "admin" as username and
>     CKW> a blank password.
> Now if *that* really works, you have yet another problem: an admin
> with a blank password is generally not a goot idea...
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