Strange problem with icons!

Wolfgang Ratzka ratzka at HRZ.Uni-Marburg.DE
Wed Jul 29 06:50:26 GMT 1998

>>>>> "CKW" == Celso Kopp Webber <webber at> writes:

    CKW> (...)
    CKW>     If this user logs on MACHINE-2, all his preferences
    CKW> (including the newly created shortcut) are loaded, but when
    CKW> he tries to access the previously created shortcut by
    CKW> double-clicking on it, he is prompted for a username/password
    CKW> pair for the share \\MACHINE-1\ADMIN$.

This is a quite common problem and not related to Samba. The reason is
a (mis-)feature of Microsoft's *.lnk files, which sometimes try to be
too smart (store the UNC name of a ressource where it is not
appropriate). One way to repair this is to use the "scut" program
provided with the NT Resource Kit:

- Cd into your program menu folder (on a German NT this would be
  %USERPROFILE%\Startmenü\Programme --- this obviously needs to be
- Change all your *.lnk files to non-smart links using "scut *.lnk -s"

    CKW>     The only way to go on is to type "admin" as username and
    CKW> a blank password.

Now if *that* really works, you have yet another problem: an admin
with a blank password is generally not a goot idea...

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