Problems setting up Internet Information Server which has a virtu al directory on a SAMBA share

Neale Rankin NERA at
Tue Jul 28 23:57:21 GMT 1998

	I am new at using Samba and I am having a problem setting up a
Internet Information Server which is run on a Windows NT 4.0 SP3 PDC.
A lot of the WEB information is to be stored on a SAMBA share.  It
appears to work OK, the virtual directory is Indexed correctly, but when
I go to that document, I come up with the "Username and Password
Required" window. (I do not have to enter a username just hit OK.)  The
share is set up for public access. 

	Also some times I get the authorisation failure, if you try and
access another document.

	The SAMBA set up is as follows:

		SAMBA release
		SAMBA global security set up		security =
		SAMBA Share set up
readable, writeable and public = yes
		At the UNIX level, everybody has read access.
	Windows NT PDC set up:
		Windows NT version 4.0 service pack 3
		Internet Information Server
		Index Server

	Client Access
		WinDD version 3.5 session running Netscape running on a

	I would much appreciate any suggestions on how to get around
this problem, so that the user's do not get this message any more.

Thank you.

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