Strange problem with icons!

Andrew Perrin - Demography aperrin at demog.Berkeley.EDU
Tue Jul 28 15:28:13 GMT 1998

I've got similar behavior here -- it seems to me that the desktop shortcut
is set up with a complete UNC path, i.e., \\machine-1\admin$\cmd.exe not
simply %systemroot%\cmd.exe (which is of course what it should be).
Anybody know why or care to comment?

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On Wed, 29 Jul 1998, Celso Kopp Webber wrote:

>     Hi again!
>     I'm having a weird problem using a Samba
> PDC and NT Workstations. Samba is configured
> to enable roving profiles. Everything works
> pretty well, except this:
>     Suppose that a user logs on a workstation
> called MACHINE-1, and creates a
> shortcut in his desktop which points to a program
> under \WINNT (say, cmd.exe). When he logs
> off, the shortcut and the corresponding icon is
> correctly saved to the user's profile
> in the Samba server.
>     If this user logs on MACHINE-2, all
> his preferences (including the newly created
> shortcut) are loaded, but when he tries to
> access the previously created shortcut
> by double-clicking on it, he is prompted
> for a username/password pair for the
> share \\MACHINE-1\ADMIN$.
>     The only way to go on is to type
> "admin" as username and a blank
> password.
>     I've noticed also that the system
> directory, \WINNT, is exported
> by default under NT as ADMIN$
> (a hidden share).
>     I couldn't notice anything
> suspicious in the logs, also.
>     Being frustrated by this, I've quickly
> setup an NT server machine (blarghhh!!!),
> and this problem simply doesn't happen.
>     Has anyone had this problem? My
> smb.conf file is available under
> ,
> so that I could make this looonggg message
> a little shorter ;-)
>     TIA again,
>     Celso

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