What's done and what's not

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Tue Jul 28 14:33:51 GMT 1998

Here the latest list of stuff that works and stuff that doesn't.
Any suggesstions, clarifications, things to add, etc...

1.1. How do I know if I need Samba Primary Domain Controller (PDC)
support and how much of its functionality is currently implemented?

If you wish to have Samba act as a PDC for Windows NT 3.51 and 4.0
client, then you will need to obtain the latest main branch source 
code (see 2.1).   The following is a list of included currently 

  * The ability to act as a PDC for Windows NT 3.51 and 4.0 clients.  
    This includes adding NT machines to the domain and 
    authenticating users logging into the domain. 

  * Domain account can be viewed using the "User Manager for Domains" 
    for a small number ( ~4-8) of accounts. 

  * Viewing resources on the Samba PDC via the "Server Manager for 
    Domains" from the NT client. 
  * Windows 95 clients will allow "user level" security to be set 
    but will not currently allow browsing of accounts.  

  * Machine account password updates. 

Release of a stable, full featured Samba PDC is currently slated 
for version 2.   The NT domain client code is planeed to be made
available in release 1.9.19 series.   The following are not 
currently available in the NTDOM PDC support but eventually will be. 

  * Trust relationships 

  * PDC <=> BDC integration 

  * Network printing (see question 2.5 for a workaround) 

  * Changing user passwords from the NT client. 

  * Windows NT ACLs 

  * LDAP support 

  * Windows NT groups 

  * Username <-> RID mapping (ie. you can't get a list of users 
    to control access to NT shares or for local ACL's ). 

There is also a samba PDC TODO list on line at 


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