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Dan Herron herron at
Tue Jul 28 09:29:07 GMT 1998

I know this has surely been answered twice a day, but I always see the
answer below and I don't fully understand the consequences:

(a) domain logons work for me
(b) I _cannot_ get the user lists from the server in order to
    give access rights (as below)

What I still don't understand is: is there some way to achieve that? Can I
(via any other method) refer to user "domainname\username", in order to
grant access to files, etc?

Not to in any way knock the excellent work being done on Samba, but that
_is_ a big part of having domains, right? So that I can control things from
one central place? (I'm new to both NT and Samba). Possible or not, I don't
think this is clearly stated in the FAQs. (Since I've seen this question
asked already several times in my brief time on the list, I'd even be happy
to summarize whatever the answer is and send it to be added to the FAQ, if
that would help!)



At 10:59 PM 7/27/98 +1000, Gerald Carter wrote:
>Marcelo E. Laurenti wrote:
>>         I have a samba server(Debian Linux) working well, but I can't
>>  get the users lists from the server when I try to give acces rigths 
>>  to a share in a Windows 95 machine.
>This is not implmented yet. 

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