Problem with "domain admin users"

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Mon Jul 27 21:46:29 GMT 1998

secret wrote:
> One simple question, when it starts working again what is an easy 
> thing to check and see if I have domain admin rights?(from the NT 
> side)  I don't have a "Sharing" tab, which is what I was using for 
> the check, but this can be unreliable too.

Add a local user or try accessing the security event log ( assuming you
have enabled auditing ).

> Also, could someone give me some hints on running the pre_alpha samba
> _AND_ the normal samba on the same machine at the same time?  Or 
> should I really not attempt this?(For NT domain logons)

One two machines ( or just two interfaces ) it works fine.

> Fianally, when the NTDOM version of samba is working, does it support
> grabbing user and group lists from the server in order to be able to 
> use user level access on the clients properly?(This is the main reason 
> I want to use it)

Nope.  Not there yet.  NT clients will defer authentication for shares
to the PDC but you cannot brose a listy of users and group mapping isn't

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