Problem with "domain admin users"

secret secret at
Mon Jul 27 20:17:28 GMT 1998

    The latest CVS update completely killed my nmbd, I sent a bug report to
the suggested address with a Level 15 log and such, I have yet to see if the
latest CVS update fixed it(Left it compiling this morning:)) [nmbd
immediately died with an INTERNAL ERROR]

    One simple question, when it starts working again what is an easy thing
to check and see if I have domain admin rights?(from the NT side)  I don't
have a "Sharing" tab, which is what I was using for the check, but this can
be unreliable too.

    Also, could someone give me some hints on running the pre_alpha samba
_AND_ the normal samba on the same machine at the same time?  Or should I
really not attempt this?(For NT domain logons)

    Fianally, when the NTDOM version of samba is working, does it support
grabbing user and group lists from the server in order to be able to use user
level access on the clients properly?(This is the main reason I want to use

David Secret
System Administrator
Kearney Development Co., Inc.

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