NT4WS SP4beta no Samba access?

Gerald W. Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Fri Jul 24 15:33:23 GMT 1998

Tim Winders wrote:
> Has anyone here installed SP4 beta and gotten it to work with Samba? 
> (I have the head branch from about 2 weeks ago running under Digital
> Unix 4.0D).

I'm betting that NT4 with SP4 will act a lot like NT5.  Ihave been
playing around with NT5 Beta 1 Wks for the past few days trying to get
it to join my samba domain.

Here's why I have noted so far.

- The NT5 box sends a SAMLOGON to the PDC but does not specify a

- The QUERYFORDC response being sent back did not contain all the
information it needed.  If the mailslot was NETLOGON\NET\NTLOGON, it

After working on the code locally here I got past the previous two
problems.  Still could not join the domain though due to the fact that
it was trying to connect to \\SAMBA_PDC\IPC$ as user "Administrator"
(which I was logged in under ).

So I thought, "I'll try to browse the Samba PDC and see what
happens"....Blue-Screen-of-Death!!!!  This is reproducible.  The packet
trace shows that the NT5 box dies after trying to connect to
\\SAMBA_PDC\WEB$.  Looking at the response from an NT4 PDC, the return
code is different, but I do not think this is major.

Has anyone tried this with NT5 yet?

As an aside, I noticed that in nmbd_processlogon.c,
process_logon_packet(), the uint32 "ntversion" value being sent back in
the response packet is the same as the value recieved.  I have noticed
in the packet traces that NT5 sets this value to 0x3 while NT4 sets it
to 0x1.  Not sure about 3.51 ( probably 0x1 as well ).  I have read
though the CIFS spec and din;t see any reference.  Did I miss it?

Any comments?
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