Adding an NT server to a Samba Domain

Janet Dickson janet at
Fri Jul 24 09:20:56 GMT 1998

	Things are looking up - what a great way to start a Friday !
I set the debug level to 100 in my smb.conf.%m file for the NT server
and found messages of the form :

doing parameter encrypt passwords = yes
Global parameter encrypt passwords found in service section!

I realised my smb.conf.%m file contained a [profiles] section.
Moved the line 'include = /usr/local/samba/lib/smb.conf.%m' in smb.conf
to the end of the [global] section and .. bingo , my NT Server says
'Welcome to the BIOSSTEST domain'

Obvious when you think about it (my brain wasnt up to it last night) !


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