Adding an NT server to a Samba Domain

Janet Dickson janet at
Thu Jul 23 17:31:51 GMT 1998

	I'm getting very frustrated right now. Last week I had a problem where
my NT workstation could not find my Samba domain controller.  I solved
it (I thought) by reinstalling Win NT (plus SP3).  However, I have now
installed Win NT Server (plus SP3) on the same machine (as a stand alone
server, not as a PDC or anything) and, again, it cannot find my Samba
domain controller.  Nothing has changed at the Samba end since a couple
of hours ago when I could connect happily. (Dont ask me why I changed -
that is another long story:-(  If I connect to the workgroup rather than
the domain, it is quite happy, until I try and log in when it wont
accept my password.

	Is there anything different about setting up an NT Server to an NT
Workstation ?   Can someone help me before I throw the wretched machine
out the window ?

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