NT clients and logon path

Allan K. Neal allan at power.aste.usu.edu
Fri Jul 17 11:05:15 GMT 1998

I am  attempting to set up a Samba server for 21 NT clients.  I do have an NT
server on the network so i was planning to use it at the authentiction machine
with security = server and password server = XXX.XXX.XX.XX.  I would like the
students to be able to log into the domain on the NT clients and have the NT
box authenticate their passwd and then give them a profile, and I would like
to have their home dir on the samba server to be mapped to drive F:\ for them
to have disk space to write too and store their info and work.  Any help on
how to do this is very much appreciated.  I have the Samba book by John Blair
and have been reading the FAQ's but I still need some help.

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