How do I asign Doman Admin rights to a NT4 server??

Ankit Shah ankit at
Fri Jul 17 17:23:40 GMT 1998

I have the same problem. I am at a point, where logon works, but nothing

I also got printers to work. But permissions on file, or administartion
doesnt work.

If somebody has idea, plase post it on this mailing list.


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On Sat, 18 Jul 1998, secret wrote:

:-)    I just got samba NT Domain logons working and I'm very happy about that,
:-)after figuring out how to add a machine account (smbpasswd -m) and set the
:-)password to the same name as the machine the domain logon worked...
:-)    Now I'm faced with the same problem:  How do I assign domain admin rights
:-)to users?  When I do a domain logon I can't share files or other common tasks
:-)that my users will need to do...
:-)David Secret
:-)Systems Administrator
:-)Kearney Development Co., Inc.

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