setting up samba : new to NT question.

Christian Barth BARTH at
Fri Jul 17 13:54:39 GMT 1998

> the docs explain how to set up samba on a unix machine, but there is no
> explanation of what i need to do on an NT workstation.
With samba you have to do on an NT workstation the same who would do 
with an NT-server.

Starting very simpel with conetcing to shares (filesystems or 
printers): It can be found some were in the NT-Explorer.

Futher more you will need some kind of authentication to controll 
access to the NT workstation. NT uses the domain controller concept, 
which has nothing to do with NIS.

But there is a NIS "plug-in" for NT:
It is written by Nigal Williams and called NISGINA; sorry, i don't 
havbe the URL handy right know.
I don't have any expirences with it and i don't know how it works 
with samba.

Then you may want to give the users of NT centralised profiles, i.g. 
their desktop should look the same independed of the PC they are 
using und depending only on the user. In the docs to NT-server there 
should be descriebed how to do this, it is some were in the NT user 

Finally you can give the NT-users a login-script, to do the things 
that should be done all the time a user starts to use NT: sycronising 
the time, conecting shares, ....

The good thing is, you can do all these step by step:
Once you are familliar with conacting share, start thinking about the 
authentication and user managemant to be sycronised between unix and 
NT. Then think about profiles, ...

Hope that helps at least a bit,


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