setting up samba : new to NT question.

Amol Karnik amol at
Thu Jul 16 16:37:37 GMT 1998

hi folks,

i am totally new to NT, and from what i've seen so far, i'm totally
i've tried going through the docs and the archives, but am still

the docs explain how to set up samba on a unix machine, but there is no
explanation of what i need to do on an NT workstation.

i would really appreciate it if someone can give me brief guidelines, or
steps to setup this up. just the basic steps will be fine, i'll dig up
the details under each.

here's how my network looks like. A lan of sun's. hp's and sgi's. all
machines share disks with each other. Password authentication is via
nis, which runs on a sun master and a sun slave server. 

i've received three new NT workstation machines, and i need to get them
networked, so that those NT machines, can mount disks from any of these
unix machines. also, it is possible for NT to use NIS password, instead
of its own? also, i dont have a NT server machine, and would like the
unix-samba server to be the PDC. this machine is also my unix

if someone has a similar setup, could you please send me a sample
smb.conf file?

security is not of major concern here, since these machines are not on
the internet.
also, all my unix users ( 20+ ) need to be given logins to these NT
machines, and they should be able to mount any filesystem from any unix
machine, at all. They can currently do that from the unix machines.

any pointers would be greatly appreciated. at the end , i'll post a
summary to this list, for future newcomers to samba/nt benefit.



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