Strange error while adding a Win NT4 machine to a samba domain.

Jeremy Allison jallison at
Fri Jul 10 16:32:21 GMT 1998

Jeroen Hendriks wrote:

> >Can you post the line in your smbpasswd containing the
> >scsi-bak$ username please ?
> >
> ok here is my machine account entry:
> scsi-bak$:1024:D695B66012ABC4CBC482C03F54CDB5D9:253EBF08F7BB3E97AEB6ABF405D4
> 5F3C:[U]:LCT-35A4DD2F:
> the machine password is 'scsi-bak'

Ok - the [U] is your problem. That denotes a 'U'ser
account. Remove the line and re-add the account as
a machine (workstation) account by doing :

smbpasswd -a -m scsi-bak

You should end up with a line that looks like :

                          Notice the difference.



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