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Ken Stone ken at
Fri Jul 10 04:16:15 GMT 1998

> > I wish to limit the different shares on samba to different groups of NT
> > domain users, and if possible, also to individual users.
> > So my question is how do I go about accomplishng this?
> an excellent start would be the manpage from smb.conf, as well as the
> documentation directory that comes with the samba distribution.  there is
> a section in the smb.conf manpage telling you about the parameter "domain
> users", as well as several files in the documentation directory that have
> revealing names... like "ntdomains.txt"  :)
> is implementation offtopic for this list???  ;)  perhaps this might be
> better handled on the main samba list.......

Hmmm, I have the latest cvs bits and there is no mention of "domain users"
in smb.conf.5 and the cifsntomain.txt was last touched in Jan 1998 and does
not cover and of the real NT domain participation topics ?

Am I missing something ?

I've been playing with the cvs bits for a couple of weeks now and have LOTS
of questions as to how NT domain credentials interact with UNIX permissions,
groups, username matches/mismatches, etc ... and can find NO docs yet.  I just
thought that was due to the "alpha" tag :-)

  -- Ken

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