pls help

Fook Sheng chen68 at
Thu Jul 9 11:24:52 GMT 1998

Hi everybody,

I really need your help. Here is what I wish to accomplish:

I have a real NT domain controller, and I wish to share out disk space
from my unix machine(FreeBSD 2.2.6) to mainly Win95 users (with some on
NT workstation) so that I can limit the disk space usage. (I would also
want to implement print and fax services on samba too, but first I would
like to solve the file sharing problem first.)

I wish to limit the different shares on samba to different groups of NT
domain users, and if possible, also to individual users.

I know that I don't need to create accounts for my users on the
unix(from a response I got from this mailing list).

So my question is how do I go about accomplishng this?

Your kind help is greatly appreciated.

Fook Sheng

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