domain admin users / samba wins support/massive file transfers

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Tue Jul 7 16:47:09 GMT 1998

wass eran wrote:
>         domain groups =

"domain groups = RID1 RID2" where the RIDS are for the domain groups

>         domain controller =

Don't use.  

>         domain admin users =

"domain admin users = username1 username2" (do these need top be
separated by a comma?  I don;t remember right now ).

>         domain guest users =

"domain guest users = username1 username2"

These three paprmeters are going away in the near future.  And be
replaced by a more manageable solution to NT <-> unix username / group

> Where is it ? i even searched the whole samba web tree but could 
> find only references with questions about these parameters ....

These were in the man pages in the BRANCH_NTDOM source and didn't get
transfered to the head branch.

> I have a strange phenomenon when i state in smb.conf that samba be the
> wins server -> what happens when i HUP inetd and kill nmbd and smbd, 
> is that nmbd goes up and makes a child nmbd but smbd refuses to go up 
> - even if i run it manually with -D, no errors , no nothing.
> help ?

What do the logs say ( up the debug level to about 20 )?

> but the problem is that the transfer always stops on CRC errors - each
> time on different files... :(

Might want to update the source tree.  Let me know if you need another
tarred and zipped version of the tree.

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