How to debug NWClient problem?

Dana Canfield canfield at
Mon Jul 6 14:15:20 GMT 1998

Just wondering if anyone had some suggestions as to how I can go about
helping figure out what is causing the Novell Netware client to crash
Windows NT when logging into a Samba PDC?

Basically what I know is that my May-ish CVS snapshot of Samba worked
fine with the Netware Client.  The current CVS snapshot causes a blue
screen of death (related to winlogon.exe) when logging into a Samba
PDC.  For those that don't know, the Novell Client replaces msgina.dll
and basically takes over the login process for NT.

Without the Novell client installed, Samba PDC domain logons work fine.
With the Novell client installed (4.10 or 4.3) I can log into the
machine if I use the "local" domain, and I can then connect to the Samba
PDC and the novell network.  If I try logging into our Samba
PDC-controlled domain, however, I get the previously mentioned Blue

My only guess is that this is somehow related to the stuff mentioned on
the list about some changes that would break "old" profiles.  I didn't
really understand the tech talk, but it's the only thing I can think of
that has changed in the NTDOM code that would cause this.

Anyone have any ideas as to how we can debug this?

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