HELP changing from win95 clients to nt4 wks clients. smbpasswd

Per-Ove Carlsson peo at
Sun Jul 5 16:47:49 GMT 1998

I have a working Samba server ( 1.9.18p4 )with the following typical specs.
security = user
Everything is working great...!
Roming profiles each for every user 
Shares for different groups... adm user poweruser and so on.

Now we will change all clients to NT4 wks, from win95 machines.

I have changed the registry of win95 so that the passwords are clear in win95.

Now we will use encrypted passwords.
and the users has to change their passwords every now and then
How do I set up smbpasswd to work properly in my system
The network don't have any NT server. 
Only one Linux server running S.u.S.E. 5.2 kernel 2.0.33.

Please give me some advice on how to change to get this to work.

Regards / Peo

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