unix password sync

secret secret at kearneydev.com
Sat Jul 4 16:55:57 GMT 1998

Jeremy Allison wrote:

> Tim Winders wrote:
> > Now I just have to figure out the correct passwd chat to use for MY
> > system.... ugh!  I keep getting an Invalid Password response from Win95.
> > nothing shows up on the smb.log file.  Unfortunately, I don't have a cable
> > sniffer handy to track down what is happening.  Any ideas where to start?
> >
> Check out the "password chat debug" parameter.

    Doesn't password chat debug diagnose problems with "unix password sync"  IE
once the smbpasswd is updated successfully making /etc/passwd update

    I've been trying to diagnose a problem with that myself, I can't seem to
get the unix password sync correct, even though I'm sure what I've typed in as
the responses(if root is running the program) are correct.

    I can't find any useful debug information from "password chat debug = true"
in my smb.conf file, I've tried looking in "log.smb" and "log.machinename" to
no avail, and I've also run smbd at debug level 100 because smb.conf implied
that things are logged at level 100...  ANy hints on finding useful debug
information between smbd and /usr/bin/passwd?


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