Netware crashed by samba PDC?

Dana Canfield canfield at
Thu Jul 2 15:23:26 GMT 1998

Has anyone had any problems using the Netware client for NT with samba
as a PDC?  When I was using samba about 3 months ago, it worked fine
with the Netware client.  Then we upgraded our server, and I just now
installed samba again.  After the Novell client has been installed, if I
try to log into the domain, the machine crashes with a blue screen of
death.  This happens on all the machines I've tried.  I've also tried
the novell client versions 4.10 and 4.3, both with the same effect.  I
can log in to the machines locally, and then use the network fine.  It's
just using domain logins that cause the problem.

Any ideas?  Could there be something in my smb.conf that Netware
wouldn't like?


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