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Christian Barth BARTH at
Wed Jul 1 16:56:16 GMT 1998

>  i wanted to ask and say a few things :
> 2) i have installed the samba on IRIX 6.4, and the sharing works just
> fine, and authentication with client for windows networks on NT 
> workstations works fine too- BUT - i discovered that if one uses the
> "novell client32" on the NT workstation instead of the regular MSclient,
> to login into the domain (even when u mark the "login into MS domain only" -
>  without logining into novell) then the winlogon.exe crashes with a blue
> screen saying there was an illegal mem reference.
> has anyone encountered this problem ???
Well, we have a lot of "funny" bugs with novell (that's why will will 
get rid of it soon and use samba), but we managed to join the domain.


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