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Wed Jul 1 12:20:34 GMT 1998


I am a sysadmin at ben-gurion univ. Israel.

I have installed the latest samba with branch-ntdom (1.9.19-prealpha).

I think it's the best thing ever - and if it works well i will be able
 to get rid at last of the NT server and Novell server i have here and run
 everything from the unix.

 i wanted to ask and say a few things :

1) how do i subscribe to this list ?

2) i have installed the samba on IRIX 6.4, and the sharing works just
fine, and authentication with client for windows networks on NT 
workstations works fine too- BUT - i discovered that if one uses the
"novell client32" on the NT workstation instead of the regular MSclient,
to login into the domain (even when u mark the "login into MS domain only" -
 without logining into novell) then the winlogon.exe crashes with a blue
screen saying there was an illegal mem reference.
has anyone encountered this problem ???

3) is there an irc group on some irc net dealing with samba ?
 (preferably on EFnet) if not we can try to make one ....
4) another suggestion i have is - maybe someone could maintain the latest 
 samba version with branches on some site as a .TAR.GZ file instead of the 
 regular cvs method of obtaining it (some ppl - like myself have very bad
 connections abroad and i had to ask someone to tar.gz it for me so i can
 DL the whole thing in one bunch through a fast http proxy).

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