unix password sync

Vegard Wallin vegardw at sv.uit.no
Wed Jul 1 09:09:48 GMT 1998

We're setting up samba as a PDC on a system running OSF1 v4.0. Most things
work OK, but the nice sounding "unix password sync" option does not. When
running smbpasswd as a regular user, I get no errormessages, but the
passwords are not updated and I get a coredump. The logfile says:

INTERNAL ERROR: Signal 11 in pid 31668 (1.9.19-prealpha)
[some memory dump]
Dumping core in /usr/local/samba/system/var/corefiles

When running smbpasswd as root, cnanging password for a regular user, I
dont get the coredump and error in logfile, but only the smbpassword gets

If this feature would work it would save us a lot of work, we have about
500 members in this domain.

smbpasswd works OK when disabling this feature (only the entry in
smbpasswd gets updated). We're running latest CVS as of yesterday.

Am I missing something?


vegardw at sv.uit.no

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