How to use /etc/passwd passwords for NTDOM?

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Sat Feb 28 01:57:00 GMT 1998

I'd be real curious to understand how to make this transition without
knowing the plaintext version of the password.  Since we are dealing with
two types of encrytion here, I do not see how you can make the transfer.

One thing we have attempted to do at the FAMU-FSU college of engineering
is use NISGina to authenticate the user and then create the initial
smbpasswd.  The changing of password would need to occur on unix end where
a wrapper would enable the changing of regular password and samba password
at the same time. 

With recent developments in samba, it looks like we may be able to use
SAMBA for for authentication but the above problem would exist for our
users who already have an account but not a samba password.  The only way
I can see around this is to force them to change/authenticate their
password before proceeded, but since all are users are not unix savy this
is quite a task.  I look forward to using samba for authentication so that
we may return to NISplus in non-campatibility mode which is, ofcourse,
impossible with NISGina. 

Perhaps some of these problems will be address at the LISA-NT conference
held in Seattle this August.  I will surely be there looking for these
kinds of answers.  I'm certain many of you will be also.


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