Valdas Andrulis valdand at
Fri Feb 27 16:31:28 GMT 1998

Here is the situation:
I have computer ALPHA (NT 4.0 Workstation) in samba PDC domain SFTN. I 
want to use smbclient to conect to share on ALPHA:

senis> smbclient  //alpha/temp -U administrator
Server time is Fri Feb 27 18:07:47 1998
Timezone is UTC+2.0
Session setup failed for username=administrator myname=SENIS
destname=ALPHA   ERRDOS - ERRnoaccess (Access denied.)
You might find the -U, -W or -n options useful
Sometimes you have to use `-n USERNAME' (particularly with OS/2)
Some servers also insist on uppercase-only passwords

i also tried -U alpha\\administrator - the same

this is for samba versions 1.9.17p2 , 1.9.18 , 1.9.18p2.

And for samba-ntdom version of smbclient i get:

senis> smbclient //alpha/temp -U administrator
service: \\alpha\temp
Enter Password:
failed session setup
client_init: connection failed
warning: connection could not be established to alpha<20>
this version of smbclient may crash if you proceed

The same occures if just want to list available shares.

And the last:
              When I remove ALPHA from domain SFTN then above commands
              work perfectly for all versions.

Any ideas why is this so?

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