Password dilemmas.

Paul Ashton paul at
Wed Feb 25 09:19:28 GMT 1998

At 19:14 25/02/98 +1100, Roeland M.J. Meyer wrote:
>Given that WinNT passwords are naturally insecure, send them plain-text and
>wrap an encryption-shell around the whole machine! This is the SSH approach
>and it works. However, someone will have to port the relevent parts of SHH
>to the CygWin.dll system. Alternatively, the client can spend the $89US to
>buy F-secure. 

SSH has already been ported to cygwin. Both as a client and a server. No
need to buy f-secure unless you want the pretty GUI.

However, doing this or even using IPSEC, using plaintext passwords can
cause other problems (which I don't recall, but are on some archive
somewhere or other).


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