Synchronising passwords

Paul Ashton paul at
Tue Feb 24 23:39:34 GMT 1998

Here's yet another low cost hack for synchonising passwords:-

When Samba responds to the NetLogonSamLogon RPC call, it can respond
with data completely independent to that which was supplied in the
request, i.e. if you try and login as FOO, it can return your username
as BAR, etc.

So the hack goes as follows:-

If you try and log in and your password does not match smbpasswd, you
will be logged as a user "PASSWDCHG" who's login program will be
downloaded from a the Samba DC netlogon share. The login program
will ask you for a username and password, communicate it to the
server in reversibly encrypted (perhaps public key) form, crypt(3)d
and if it matches, update smbpasswd. Then it logs you out.

Easy to implement, requires no client changes, no user education.


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