Danny Braniss danny at cs.huji.ac.il
Tue Feb 24 10:43:37 GMT 1998

	Im using the NTDOMAIN branch, and i can change the NT identification to
domain SAMBA ( i get a nice welcome message), i can then access the shares.
which means that the nt_password stuff is ok.

when i reboot NT
	1) the logon window shows up with the 'local domain - ie. hostname'
	   not as the NTDOMAIN.txt says with the SAMBA domain.
	2) when i select the samba domain there is only one entry in the              
     domain, ie the domain-name SAMBA
	3) the real painful one: i can't login. :-(
	   from the logs, the credentials don't match.
im deep in trying to understand the code/process (the credential process) but
any help is welcome.


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