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Nuno Loureiro wrote:
> Hi!!
>         I can detect the domain, and logon from NT4+SP3 Wrkts, but the
> users can logon using any password. I did the smbpasswd file using
> and I did "smbpasswd -add user pass" to change users
> passwords. I also tried "smbpasswd user" to change users passwords, but
> the users still can logon without or with any password.
>         If the user doesn't exist, or if it has Xs in the passwd field,
> he is not able to login. The only users that can login without or with
> any passwd are the users that I changed their passwords with smbpasswd.
>         I already compiled with ARCFOUR, using the makefile that luke
> posted to the list, and I grabbed the BRANCH_NTDOM using cvs, on a
> 1.9.18p3 sources.
>         Anyone knows the problem!?

Dumb question, but the problem sounds like an absence of the arcfour.c
file in the compile.  If the user logs in with an invalids passwd, he /
she doesn't have to access to their roaming profile, correct?  This may
be way off base since you said you grabbed the Makefile from Luke's
previous message and the reference to arcfour.c was in the same message.

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