Nuno Loureiro nuno at
Mon Feb 23 11:57:38 GMT 1998


	I can detect the domain, and logon from NT4+SP3 Wrkts, but the
users can logon using any password. I did the smbpasswd file using and I did "smbpasswd -add user pass" to change users
passwords. I also tried "smbpasswd user" to change users passwords, but
the users still can logon without or with any password.
	If the user doesn't exist, or if it has Xs in the passwd field,
he is not able to login. The only users that can login without or with
any passwd are the users that I changed their passwords with smbpasswd.
	I already compiled with ARCFOUR, using the makefile that luke
posted to the list, and I grabbed the BRANCH_NTDOM using cvs, on a
1.9.18p3 sources.
	Anyone knows the problem!?

Thanks in Advance,

	Nuno Loureiro

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