Can't compile with -DUSE_ARCFOUR

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Thu Feb 19 19:01:49 GMT 1998

> BTW - i did not manage to compile smbclient on 2.6
> compilation dies with:

you checked out two days ago, yeah?  check out again: i had checked in
untested code.  i fixed this the following day. 
> Compiling lib/rpc/client/cli_login.c
> lib/rpc/client/cli_login.c: In function `do_nt_session_open':
> lib/rpc/client/cli_login.c:133: too few arguments to function
> `rpc_pipe_bind'

yes, there were.  this module should not be calling do_nt_session_open()


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