Accessing LOCAL files after login to NT-4-WS via Samba P

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Thu Feb 19 18:16:17 GMT 1998

> Additionally, if anyone wished to spend a couple of days coding,

...i think jean-francois expressed an interest in doing this [particular
task, four months ago]...

> we could even handle supporting multiple independent NT domains
> to different clients on the same Samba domain controller.

... under different netbios names.  yes, this is easy.  either use global
search replace lp_workgroup() with brse_workgroup(token) or sed -e
's/lp_workgroup()/brse_workgroup(token)/g', add in int token to all
functions right back to the netbios session request in server.c, and off
you go. 

> Try that on NT.

no thanks.  they have global state variables in their code, and anyway we
don't have access to the source.  [is there a gpl version of nt


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