Can't compile with -DUSE_ARCFOUR

Marcin Klimowski marcin.klimowski at
Thu Feb 19 08:06:17 GMT 1998

Andrew Perrin - Demography wrote:
> Greetings-
> We're trying to use the -DUSE_ARCFOUR flag to compile 1.9.18alpha14-ntdom,
> but keep getting linking errors.  We *do* have arcfour.c (from the ssh
> source) but can't figure out the makefile.  Does anyone have advice on
> doing so under Solaris 2.6?

copy arcfour.c to source/lib/util/

and make your makefile look like this:


                $(UTIL_SRC_DIR)pwd_cache.o      \
                $(UTIL_SRC_DIR)arcfour.o       \
                $(UTIL_SRC_DIR)md4.o       \


BTW - i did not manage to compile smbclient on 2.6
compilation dies with:

Compiling lib/rpc/client/cli_login.c
lib/rpc/client/cli_login.c: In function `do_nt_session_open':
lib/rpc/client/cli_login.c:133: too few arguments to function
make: *** [lib/rpc/client/cli_login.o] Error 1
kl at zero:~/src/samba/source$ 

any idea ?!
Marcin Klimowski

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