Problems with smbmount and win95

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Tue Feb 17 01:54:38 GMT 1998

Vince Geisler wrote:

> When i try to (smbmount //<win95share>/c /mnt/net/c) i get the following obscure message
> smb_dont_catch_keepalive: server -> data_ready ==null
> mount error : invalid argument
> if i try to smbmount a nt share it works no problem....
> can anyone shed some light on this one ... i have no clue where to begin (admitted newby)
> T.I.A
> vince

 You will have to use "User level Security" on Win95 as opposed to "Share level security"
Then,  you will have to import a list of users from the Domain controller.  Just use
Everyone and full access to test it out, then start restricting from there.
Hope this helps.

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