NTDOM: Subjects up for discussion. What to post.

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at switchboard.net
Sat Feb 14 17:02:31 GMT 1998

To: samba-ntdom and samba mailing lists

The Samba NT Domains list is for the discussion of development and
administration of "Samba NT capabilities".  we are looking to develop its
Primary and Backup Domain Controller capabilities, and basically make
samba look like an NT server and like an NT workstation. 

therefore, if you have the BRANCH_NTDOM version of Samba (available using
public cvs), Microsoft Net Monitor, an NT server and several NT
workstations and absolutely no Win95 machines, then you are the ideal
person to be on the Samba NT Domains list.  frequently we will need people
to generate network traces, or to run gdb on a core dump, or to generate
high debug level log files.

if you have the main Samba branch (available by ftp), no NT servers, no NT
workstations, and predominantly Win95/WfWg/DOS machines, and have
absolutely no intention of moving over to Windows NT at any time, then
being on the Samba NT Domains list is simply going to take up space in
your inbox, as it will be of no use to you.

so.  if you have a problem and are considering posting to samba-ntdom,
*please* make sure that a) it's not been discussed before (see
http://samba.anu.edu.au/listproc/samba-ntdom)  b) it's related to the NT
Domains development.  c) it's *not* a general "Samba configuration or
Samba administration"  problem.

for those people who are very kindly responding to posters on samba-ntdom,
i would be very grateful if you could reply with references to articles in
the archives, if a previous article contains information relevant to
another posting. 

how to tell if a posting is relevant to samba-ntdom:

1) you're familiar with Samba and its configuration (current version,

2) you've downloaded BRANCH_NTDOM, read, understood and followed

3) you're using NT workstation or NT server (not Win95)

4) things are falling over: you've read the samba-ntdom archives; the
problem isn't mentioned there, and doesn't go away. 

5) some functionality is missing (an NT administration tool reports an
obscure error "The RPC call failed"); you've increased the debug log
levels, and noticed an "Unsupported API" or other message in log.smb:
you've read the samba-ntdom archives, and it's not reported in there.

thank you.

luke (samba team)

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