Samba is clobbering NT 4.0S Primary domain controller

Gerald W. Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Fri Feb 13 22:57:09 GMT 1998

Vince Geisler wrote:
> using samba 1.9.18.p1 precompiled rpm, I am having the problem of samba
> appearing to the NT 4.0 primary domain controller on our network as a
> backup domain controller..
> If the NTserver gets rebooted the samba server will try to act as the
> domain controller(not very successfully) and won't give up control back
> to the primary domain controller when it comes back up. This has the
> effect of booting everyone off the network and locking up all the win 95
> machines. This is not good :(
> Why is this??? in smb.conf, I have tried to disable everything that I
> can find possibly relating to samba being a domain controller of any
> kind, primary or backup.
> [global]
>   domain logons = yes

Why do you have this set to yes?  Set it to 'no'.  Yes tells samba that
you would like to act as a domain controller.  This doesn't have
anything to do with the NT domain controller code per say.  In fact, by
using a precompiled version of 1.9.18p1 I would wager to say that the NT
domain controller support ( what is there ) was not turned on.

BTW...The NT Domain code is being devleloped in a separate branch that
the standard releases.  The split started at 1.9.18alpha11 i think.

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